Trademark Use

Last updated Sep 19, 2019

The Pelacore Trademarks ("Trademarks") are important business assets of Pelacore, Inc., and should be treated with a high level of care. People around the world, including us, rely on our Trademarks to identify our products and services and to distinguish them from those of our competitors. As the creator and global leader in pelvic core fitness, we take great pride in our products and services and work relentlessly to improve them.

If our Trademarks became "generic" in a particular area, they would cease to identify our Company as the exclusive source of products and services on which they appear. Accordingly, anyone would be able to use our marks without concern of a trademark infringement claim, creating confusion in the marketplace.

We respectfully request that you support our efforts to enforce the Trademarks and take steps to use them properly and avoid confusion or misuse. If you have any questions concerning the proper use of the Trademarks, contact us at [email protected]

The word Pelacore was coined by us

The word Pelacore was coined by us, and is a word we selected as the original brand name that identifies our programs and related products. The Pelacore brand name and related word and logo trademarks should only be used to indicate the source of our particular programs and related products and should not be used to refer to any other programs, products or services. 

The Pelacore trademarks 

Trademark offices around the world provide us with legal means for protecting consumers, licensees, distributors and our Company from third parties that imitate, infringe and/or counterfeit our products or services. These rights include the exclusive right to use our Trademarks in the countries where they are registered. Our Trademarks enjoy a presumption of validity around the world. Proper use of our Trademarks serves to distinguish our products and services from those of other companies, prevents the likelihood that consumers will be confused, and helps prevent damage to our marks, including, for example, tarnishment, dilution and genericization. In the United States, Pelacore, Pelacore Fitness, The Pelacore Method, Pelacore Instructor, Certified Pelacore Instructor, CPI, Pelacore Instructor Network, PIN, Pelacore Professional, Pelacore Premium, Pelacore Provider, Approved Pelacore Provider, APP, Pelacore Provider Network, PPN, Pelacore Plus, Pelacore Silver, Pelacore Gold, Pelacore Platinum, Pelacore Ambassador, and our logo, among other terms and logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by our Company. 

Who may use the Pelacore trademark and logo? 

Only those licensed by our Company have the right to use the Trademarks. Licensees are required by contract and law to follow the guidelines in their written license agreements. We ask that our licensees and enthusiasts of Pelacore everywhere contact us immediately if they become aware of any unauthorized or improper use of the Trademarks. You can email us at [email protected]

Please observe the following trademark usage rules

Always use a trademark notice
Always use the appropriate trademark symbols ® (for registered trademarks) and ™ after the trademarks. The appropriate symbols should be used in all printed materials and advertising.

Always use the Pelacore trademarks distinctively
The first letter for each of the Pelacore Trademarks should be capitalized, e.g., "Pelacore", not "pelacore". You can also capitalize Pelacore in its entirety, underline Pelacore or put Pelacore in italics. When referencing being a Pelacore Instructor, it is important to always refer to the program by the full and correct name (i.e., the Pelacore Instructor) and not as just a "Pelacore Teacher" or "Pelacore Trainer." When referencing being an Approved Pelacore Provider, it is important to always refer to the program by the full and correct name (i.e., Approved Pelacore Provider) and not as just a "Pelacore Studio" or "Pelacore Facility."

Always use a trademark disclaimer
Pelacore and our other Trademarks, including any specialty programs (e.g., Pelacore Method, Pelacore Premium, Pelacore Gold, etc.) and the Pelacore logos are trademarks of Pelacore, Inc., used under license.

Never alter the Pelacore trademarks
Do not change the graphics, colors, spelling, insert hyphens or combine two words into one. (Incorrect: "You'll love Pelacore-by-Marie").

Never use the Pelacore trademarks as verbs
For example, never use "Pelacore" as a verb to describe an exercise program or class. It is proper to say, "I love Pelacore" and improper to say, "I love to Pelacore."

Never use the Pelacore trademarks as trade or company names It is incorrect to use or refer to the Pelacore Trademarks as a trade name (e.g., company name or facility name). For example, don't name your company with Pelacore in the title. Name your company something else and say that it offers the Pelacore Method or Pelacore classes.

Never use the Pelacore trademarks on merchandise Only Pelacore and its authorized partners can use the Pelacore Trademarks on merchandise such as clothing, accessories and other products. So, never use the Pelacore Trademarks on merchandise (e.g., don't make shirts and put the Pelacore Trademarks on the shirt).

Use of the Pelacore logo The Pelacore Logo was designed to designate products and services developed by our Company and may be used by licensees in their exact form and only to advertise and promote our programs, products and services. Unless our prior written approval is obtained, the Pelacore Logo is never to be used in connection with the manufacture, promotion, offer for sale or sale of any merchandise. The Pelacore Logo cannot be altered or modified in any way, nor can they be combined with any other trade names, trademarks or logos without our express written permission.

In summary, the Pelacore trademarks should never be used in the following ways:
  • With the letter "P" not capitalized — For example, "pelacore" or "pelacore method."
  • Altered or modified — For example, "Pelicor."
  • As a verb — For example, "once you Pelacore, you'll be hooked."
  • As a trade name — For example, "The Pelacore Studio."
  • On merchandise — For example, don't make "Pelacore" shirts.
  • To advertise programs or products not affiliated with Pelacore, Inc.This information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice nor does it provide a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. If you have specific legal questions, you are urged to consult your own lawyer concerning your situation.