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As a mom, physical therapist and fitness instructor, I've met countless women who suffer from urinary incontinence and other pelvic issues resulting from childbirth, surgery, menopause, constipation and improper exercise routines. Unfortunately, women who do not properly train their pelvic floor can end up with embarrassing leakage, lower back pain, prolapse and general pelvic pain or discomfort, some of which may eventually require surgery.

Stronger abs, sexier glutes and thighs, urinary control, improved quality of life, and more intense, enjoyable sex all begin with a strong pelvic core. That's why I created Pelacore, a holistic and functional training program made up of fun, 60-minute classes that teach you exercises which will strengthen your pelvic core - and make you feel amazing!

I currently teach Pelacore to students and instructors exclusively at Fit On Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA. If you're interested in becoming a Certified Pelacore Instructor, please contact me.

Natalie Padveen, Physical Therapist and Creator of The Pelacore Method
Natalie Padveen, PT

Fans us!

Becky A
So grateful to have learned the Pelacore Method! After having two kids and a hysterectomy, I needed to get my body back on track. Loving my new normal now, all thanks to Pelacore!
Becky A, Los Angeles, CA
Franca S
As the owner of a fitness studio, clients always complain about pelvic floor issues. Pelacore is the answer and helps us attract new clients all the time!
Franca S, Manhattan Beach, CA
Nikki M
Pelacore is Kegels on steroids in the best possible way because it strengthens the pelvic floor and offers a great workout all in one.
Nikki M, Redondo Beach, CA